If desired we offer our customers a complete Santa service including the presents for employees or customers.


So Santa's sack will already be filled with the goods when he arrives.


Have a look at our selection!

If desired the present service can also be booked independently! In that case you would get the presents delivered.

All present bags will be filled according to customer desire. Customers can also send their own products to fill the bags.


Please note that orders have to be placed at least 10 weeks ahead of desired delivery date. Only in that case we can guarantee that we have enough stock of the desired product. The price also depends heavily on the ordered quantity of the respective product, because of that reason no prices are displayed for the products. These will be determined in the preliminary talks.

We also offer professional packaging service for special presents.

One of our customers favorites

You can choose between chocolate drops or cough drops

Tiny Christmas calender

This tiny calender with chocolate drops is a perfect gift for everybody waiting for Christmas!


Employees or customers will love it!


Due to it's small size it will fit in a jacket pocket for example. There are 24 drops in each blister with numbered positions. So one for each day in December. When the last one has been removed they know it's Christmas Eve.

Treasure Chest

Beautiful wooden treasure chest with synthetic leather applications and added carrying strap.

On request also as illustrated with wood straw, wooden snow crystals and led light chain.

Dimensions: Approx. 14.5 x 25.5 x 21 cm

Synthetic leather carrying handle

Hinges and lock are metal.


Small Elf present bag

This is the smallest bag we offer. This bag is made out of felt with some nice applications giving it the look of a pair of elf trousers including shoes.

Die Santa Claus bag

Our medium bag is made out of felt in the design of Santa's trousers including his belt with buckle.


The very nice detailed applications make this bag to a perfect gift.

Santa oder Snowman luxury present bag

Our biggest bag (sack) is also our most luxurious. It has a varity of applications each out of a different material. That gives this present bag it's unique and beautiful look.


You can choose between two designs. Available as Santa and Snowman bag.


A present your customer or employees will love!



H = ca. 26cm

B (laying on flat surface) = 16cm

Winebottle shirt (Rudolph)

One of the most popular presents is the wine bottle shirt Rudolph. It consists of a knit sweater with a matching knit cap. All in nice Christmas colors with Rudolph on the shirt and elk horns on the cap.


This set is perfect for most winebottles from 0,7l up to 1,0l bottles.


A beautiful present for customers or employees.